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Social media: A strong media for event promotion

No doubt now days for promotion, advertisement and announcement of any event, brand or shows, marketing on social media is the primary focus of every marketer. It is a vast room and you have to use your own brain, time and skill for promotion. There are many channels for promotion like face book, twitter, YouTube, Skype, flicker and for business promotion LinkedIn tumblr, pinterest etc. Don’t miss the power and technology of social media to spread the word about your events on immense size audience place.

Twitter Hash tag

A hash tag for your event can become viral and trendy on twitter that will attract people to attend. When creating your twitter hash tag tries to keep it small, unique this is according to your event’s topic.  Hash tag sounds simple but it helps to interact and engage with the audience. A twitter hashtag with the distinctive value of your business can be used to create buzz about your events over the internet. You will get feedback there and then. Some useful points while using twitter is as follows:

Time is important

Don’t waste time. The earlier you promote the event using specific hashtag, the greater your chances are for showing to more people’s feed. Make a momentum to reach a larger audience. Your goal is to reach all members, so schedule your posts on specific time of day and night.
For initiating conversations social media is perfect channel. Make audiences, speakers, presenters and guests excited about the event. You should not overwhelm the people by just sharing your own stuff, interact with others in your community and also share and retweet their stuff on your profile. This can help in promoting and encouraging other to promote your news on their profiles.

Make people to promote

Attendees are usually biggest promoter. Let the attendees to influence their social networks to help in spreading the news. Create relationship with others and talk online about the outline of event.

Speaker Network

For conferences, workshops and seminars encourage your speakers to prop up the event. It’s also beneficial for the speakers as well to gain popularity. Remind them that the more attendees at the event they will have, the more of their knowledge can be proliferated. When you tweet then don’t forget to re tweet about the stuff at different time spans.

Use Facebook and Linkedln

You must build a face book and LinkedIn pages with groups as well. Post topics including activities, photos, sponsors, particular guests, speakers, information, and layout of event can be shared. Organically growing an attendee population on these networks grows audience size in the events. Connect with and reward attendees who are regularly promoting and seeing your events on social media to encourage them to reshare the news within their communities and groups. Get regular feedback from people about what they like and dislike the things you share. This will you to make posts according to their interest the people are most interested in.


Create an outstanding and attractive video for youtube. Make it small and appealing for the audiences for event promotion. And then make a buzz on other channels like flicker vimeo and daily motion etc. Short videos of your events can become more viral as compared to text and pictures posts. Most of the people want to see stuff in form of videos.


Skype is used for promotions of conferences and business meetings. Create some audio and video material and you can send it to your contact lists in different times. There are many tools available to make videos and audio of your content relevant to your events.

A quick summary

Hopefully this article will help you to analyze different social media channels you can use to spread the word about your events that can help in building brand of your event planning company. If you have any queries and question regarding any of the issue for your events, do write us at We will provide you great solution for your events marketing and promotion in our upcoming articles. There is many other platforms which you can use to promote your events, you can share them with us with the experience you had. We would love to hear from you.

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