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5 Stage Decoration ideas for your next Event

Have you ever analyzed why your pats events were not appealing to your audience and they forget it like they have never attended such event? This is probably the worst experience for your events you had. The reason must be your stage decoration and designing of your overall event area. People only remember the things which fascinate and appeal them the most. The work of creating something impressive and brilliant out of an undressed stage may seem difficult task, but setting some parameters and start something with great zeal always pay you back. Here, you will find some guideline how to decorate the stage, because when audience enters any hall stage will be first place to check and see as this is the place where all the people’s attention is there even photographer and videographers area of interest is also to shoot whatever is happening on the stage.

Define Parameters

Determine the type of event and type of guests as well before embellishing the stage. This helps you on choose some brilliant steps for the design and decoration of your event’s stage area If you are decorating for a dance show, you will need wide open space. If you’re designing décor for a children’s birthday party of theatre production, bright, bold and neon color will be catchy for kids. For a wedding, go for classy, elegant and stylish color scheme. No matter what designs you choose, make sure about all the safety measures and rules of the designated place for the ceremony.

Make a theme

Draw some theme in your mind and then implement it. Take help from the other members of the production house to gather some practical thoughts. They may have visual images of the surroundings they have visited in the past and find it elegant and delightful, or perhaps they have certain moods they’re aiming to evoke and bring to your mind for first-rate themes. Find online resources, magazines and papers with photos of similar events, gather pictures of items that inspire you to apply them in designing of your event’s stage.

Wedding stage

Wedding is the most important day in the life of a bride and groom. To keep focus on the couple in wedding, collect different pictures from their real lives, put them in some frame and hang them at different areas on the stage. You can add strings of light and elegant fresh flowers according to your wedding theme. Or use nature—gather stones, flowers and branches and put in a row, use bunch of flowers around a stage will be very stirring preference.

Dance Shows

Gallant decorative pieces coupled with open space and dramatic lighting is best for dance shows. You can use 3D standing structure on the stage. Focus on strong lights, because they will produce warm effect for the audience. Hang curtains of good design for back drop and behind the stage, it will give the dance floor look of a dance show.

Theater Shows

Decoration of theatre stage is also an important zone. You have to choose color scheme which is more suitable and blend with the theme color combination of your event. Warm reds, yellows, oranges, mustard set an energetic and lively tone, while blues and purples work fine for more theatrical themes. You can decorate to give effect of living room and can use different color combinations to change according to the type of script and scene. Using spots lights on performers will construct a spectacular and vivid effect on stage.


A good designed event can only be memorized by the people for longer period of time. But you have to keep all the things in budget. Investing more money without any plan and designing ideas will be a waste of time and money too. When you have smart ideas in your mind you creative skills will be a best resource to design an elegant stage within the budget you have decided.

Do you have any other idea to share with us which is mostly liked by the event participants? Do share with us in the comments below.

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